Tuscany Wedding Photography: The Art Of Storytelling




Your wedding in Tuscany is a story to be told.

Have you given thoughts to how your photographer will create your wedding photos?


Maybe you should because it really matters to the result you will have afterwards.

If you think that he (or she) will pop around taking pictures of EVERYTHING he (or she) sees then you are wrong.

Your wedding is a story, a fairytale to be told.

A gathering of images that not only show what your were wearing, how the flowers were, what you were eating and how many you were.

No. This is not the idea of your wedding story.

Your story tells how happy you were, how your mother cried when you said “I Do”, how your niece slept under the reception table, how much fun your guests had, etc.

It’s not just about you even if you are the stars. It’s also about the other people who made your day specyour-wedding-story-tuscany-photographerial.

Focusing just on the two of you will make you loose those memories forever. And those are small gemstones that you will treasure for years to come.

You will treasure them when your children are born. When at your anniversary you sit down to take a look. When you loose someone dear and want to remember.

This is when your wedding photos get really, really precious. Because they enclose the spirit of your wedding, the story told about you two, your families and your guests. Therefore, choose your wedding photographer wisely.

Here is to your wedding.