Same Sex Wedding Photographer in Tuscany: My Best Photo Shoots

Same Sex Wedding in Tuscany, Photo Shoot by Duccio Argentini, Tuscan Wedding Photographer

Your photographer for same-sex weddingSame-sex weddings are not legal in Italy yet, but many couples are increasingly deciding to have the legally-binding ceremony in their countries and then celebrate in Italy, and very often in Tuscany, with a symbolic ceremony.  It won’t be legally binding, true, but what counts is what the couple really believes in, and a certificate won’t keep two people together, while love will!

Tuscany offers a wealth of professional celebrants, ready to help you create your unique ceremony to make your big day amazing and unique

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Unfortunately, Italy is a backward country, partly due to the presence of the Vatican in the country, which does not help. But I believe Italy will soon have to adjust with the other European countries. The first sign that things need to change came in July last year, when the Court of Strasburg admonished Italy by for having violated the right of respect of private life (article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights) of three same-sex couples who have had steady relationships for several years.

I hope this sign will be so strong as to change the trend of same sex wedding in Italy.

But while we wait, we can still create special ceremonies where your fantasy is the only limit. Tuscany offers so many different backdrops for your ceremony: the Chianti hills, the beaches in Versilia or Maremma, the beautiful Italian gardens of our Renaissance villas, or the more modern scenery of a breathtaking terrace opening on our grand monuments in Florence and Siena. You will almost be able to touch Brunelleschi’s dome as the wind gently plays with your veil.

If you like my pictures and if you wish to have a simbolic ceremony in Tuscany, contact me for more information. I will answer you as soon as I got your message or email!

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