Why to choose a local photographer

getting married tuscany local photographer tuscan photographersI live in Tuscany since I was born, and for over ten years working as a photographer for weddings for foreign couples. Very often couples who come from abroad prefer to bring their own photographer. Of course everyone is free to choose which suppliers to use obviously. But it makes sense to work with a professional who is from another country? That certainly will not be able to know the best places where to make the photos as a local photographer. We speak of a marriage, a one time event, during which there can be no mistakes. These are the reasons why in my opinion, those who marry in Italy should use an Italian photographer. Better if the same reason, where the couple gets married. Who is getting married in Tuscany should use a wedding photographer Tuscany. We must also consider the costs that a photographer from another country is forced to argue, as the plane and in any case the amount of time spent in more than a photographer lives in Tuscany and he doesn’t need to travel e lot.