Intimate Wedding Photography: Why I Suggest An Unplugged Wedding


Why I suggest an unplugged wedding



tuscan-wedding-photographer-dynamicYou know what an unplugged wedding is, I suppose – the ones where cameras and smartphones are banned during the ceremony (and sometimes also after). But why do I suggest that you have an unplugged wedding.

Am I being mean to your guests who “just want a couple of photos with bride and groom”?

No. I’m trying to protect your wedding memories.

Your guests do not know how to behave during the ceremony – no, not that they are rude. It’s just that they are not aware that they risk to be an obsacle during your entrance to the ceremony, not throw rice at you because they have to take photos of you exiting, enter in front of the camera when it is least appropriate in order to take that snapshot that they will never ever look at again.

And you risk that your wedding memories are ruined because of their behavior.
During your Big Day in which you PAY a professional photographer to make sure that those special moments are captured and secured for ever.

You and your guests should just think of having fun. Leave the cameras and the phones in the bags and have fun. I and my colleagues take care of the rest.

Here is to your wedding.