Why DIY-wedding makeup is a REALLY bad idea


Why DIY-wedding makeup is a REALLY bad idea



wedding-makeup-tuscanyIt is obviously a way of saving a couple of bucks, to do your makeup by yourself or to get a girlfriend to help.


But the risk you run this way is often neglected or, at its best, widely underestimated. Photoshop can take away a great deal of problems but cannot make up (pardon me 😉 ) for a badly done maquillage.


You are due to sit in the lamplight ALL DAY. And your wedding makeup will need to be able to last without getting you to look like you are seventy and falling apart.


If your makeup is not professionally done, there is an enormous risk that you will get all sweaty, heated up and greasy. And THAT ain’t pretty, I can tell you. You risk looking like a lightbulb if any light is flashed at you.


You HAVE those shiny foreheads in mind, don’t you? Well, that is a concrete risk if your wedding makeup artist is not an artist but a passionate for makeup and stop. Here Photoshop is not able to do (all) the trick.


Think of this when you try to save those money. Maybe it WOULD be worth the while to leave out that second antipasto or replace an expensive flower with something cheaper and be able to look like a princess for ALL day.


– it would be a pity to get wedding photos that you don’t like because you are all shiny and sweaty, don’t you agree?


Here is to your wedding.

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