Why choosing a local photographer for your wedding in Tuscany

wedding photographer tuscan photos pictures reception ringstuscan photographers summer 2016 listing prices pictures venue ceremony religious blessing villa florence italy symbolic weddingplannertuscan wedding photographer florence getting married italy 2016 booking pictures album dvd listing prices elopement tuscanywedding photos tuscany venue ceremony venue weddingplanner reception dress availabilityAs a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I am partial in suggesting the choice of a local professional, especially against the choice to bring your own photographer from home. For some good reasons: first of all, the zero-carbon law applies to suppliers too. Why move goods and suppliers for all those miles when you can find the equivalent product/supplier in the country you selected for your wedding? Just consider the cost you will meet to fly your photographer to Italy, plus accommodation and food. Then, weddings often involve traveling from the villa where the couple is getting ready to the church or the town hall, and then in the surrounding countryside to find the right place to take pictures after the ceremony. And your photographer will not be familiar with the area. Weddings are once-in-a –lifetime events, and being late is not accepted! There are different moments in a wedding, each of its own importance; being late and therefore delaying the time dedicated to the photo shooting takes away precious time from the reception, when the guests will be waiting for the newlyweds. And delays create problems also to the chef who will have to wait before he can work on the dishes. But most of all, Tuscany offers the most renowned photographers in the world, so don’t trouble the professional who lives and works on the other side of the ocean and take advantage of the Tuscan photographers who are just as good.