Why choose Tuscany for wedding

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I can say that my region is one of the most diverse, if not beautiful, of our country.

So, why choose Tuscany for wedding? Perhaps it is for this reason that becomes a favourite destination for many foreign couples, to pronounce them “yes I want it!”. Tuscany offers beautiful hills, but also a splendid sea and mountains, which during the winter of snow cover.

I like to think my Tuscany as a small California that collects many landscapes at the same time so beautiful and different among them. I love taking pictures of my marriages among the hills of Chianti, but just do a few miles to be in splendid and magical landscape of Val d’Orcia.

When you think about where I come to mind so many places and so different between them: an old rustic farmhouse immersed in the vineyards, or maybe a prestigious and elegant historic villa. It all depends on what the couple looking for their wedding, but for sure they will find the suitable structure to their Tuscan wedding!