Why choose a professional wedding photographer

photojournalistic wedding photographer in tuscany florence italy reportage marriage bride groomThere are many good photographers in tuscany, often non-professionals. But build and document a marriage, often with religious ritual, involves knowing the various stages of the ceremony. People participating in the event are not professionals, not templates, are ordinary people, but we still have to photograph and do it to the fullest. So for example, we are often trying to figure out where the father of the bride once arrived at the altar. By the groom to shake his hand? Will lift the veil on the bride? And what will you do for the first time between the two? The wedding photographer needs to be ready for any situation, often unexpectedly. Marriage is an event in which often a hundred people and beyond, moving between various locations (Church and the place of receipt) with all the problems that ensue. Regardless of the time: the wedding as an event almost exclusively set in summer, takes place outdoors, with all risks related to the weather. You do if it rains? In short, a skilled and experienced wedding photographer should be able to manage the photo shoot, and be able to deal with all situations, foreseen or not, that will occur. It is obvious that a unified power solutions, or a professional photographer specializing in other areas, cannot handle a photoshoot so delicate and complex, that only an experienced professional can do.