Why “being happy” is so important for you on your wedding day


Of course you knew that it is important to be happy on your wedding day – why would you get married if you aren’t happy???


I wasn’t really speaking about you – but about the people around you that make your special event come true:

Your vendors.


Keeping your vendors happy, and being your photographer I am of course among those, make sure that the utmost efforts are being put into making your day truly unique and fabulously amazing.


Because everything we photographers think, do and live reflect in the images that we create. Our job is to collect emotions, not to drill holes in a wall. If I am happy, then my images will reflect that happiness.


You don’t have to know your photographer by heart to get incredible photography. Just have faith in the fact that I know how to manage (I’ve been through hundreds of weddings and engagements before accepting yours) and treat me like you would like to be treated. Get to know me a little – maybe we share the passion for sport and being dynamic – THAT would be awesome.


When you choose the person first and THEN the professional then you are 99% sure to get amazing pictures.