Engagement in Florence Photo Shoot

What is the best time for your engagement in Florence photo shoot? It should be one of the first questions to ask your Florentine wedding photographer, to create a memorable photo shoot!

It may seem trivial and obvious, but for an engagement in Florence it’s a very important subject. Most couples do not know the city and foreigners who come to Florence for an engagement photo shoot service do not expect  to find huge crowds. Florence is one of the most visited cities in the world and naturally everyone wants to see the main attractions: Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza Signoria. Even a couple who wants to organize an engagement in Florence, wants to do it in the most evocative places of the city. The phrase that couples tell me more often is always the same: “I did not expect to see so many people in Florence!”.

So, what is the best time for an engagement in Florence?

Surely at dawn. Most people sleep, especially when on vacation. Another good reason to shoot at dawn is the heat. Florence is a very hot city during Summer, so one of the best moments to take pictures is early in the morning. You wonder how the light will be? The light at dawn is beautiful and it’s worth the sacrifice for your photo shoot. Even the choice of the day is important: it is definitely better to choose a weekday to avoid the hordes of tourists.

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couple dance on ponte vecchio bridge, florence

couple session at santa trinita bridge

honeymoon session at ponte vecchio

engagement session at san miniato a monte church