Weddings in Tuscany making short trips

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany , I talk to many future married couples and I often talk about the constant movement from one location to another with use of the machine and often for many miles . But it's worth it ? And above all, we really considered the needs of our guests ? The couple often invite relatives also not young that some do not like the high temperatures of summer . The advice is to limit as much as possible travel between home church wedding and reception venue . Impossible? No. Here are some examples of combination church / place of receipt that are minutes away by car or even without the use of the latter . An example of a place without moving house church is the castle of Vicchio Maggio . The latter has in fact his church just across the castello.Una After the religious ceremony in the church , just walk a few meters to find themselves at the place of receipt . Another church with villa nearby is Villa di Maiano . Last example is the Pieve di Spaltenna and the Castello di Meleto, two stunning locations very close to each other . But the Tuscan , like other Italian regions , are full of beautiful villas with adjoining a church on the property, or very often in close proximity. On this subject the foreign couples give an example . Always try to limit their movement to have a locations that offer a place for the ceremony and the accomodation for their guests in the same area .