Tuscany Wedding Proposal Photographer: Some Of My Photo Shoots In Florence

Are you planning your  wedding proposal in Tuscany? I suggest you choose a Tuscan professional photographer who will help you realize your dream. Love.

As Tuscan photographer I have realized so many wedding proposals in Tuscany especially in Florence which is my own city, where I was born and raised, and then I know it well and I have an emotional connection with it.

I love my city, my Florence. After so many years as professional photography as a wedding photographer in Tuscany I have learned to know the most beautiful and romantic places in Florence. And having shooted so many wedding photography services and engagement, I can safely say that Florence is the city best suited to do a wedding proposal in Tuscany . (you can see here an example of wedding proposal in Florence).

Sure there are lots of very romantic cities in Tuscany such as San Gimignano and Siena. But the charm of a walk at sunset on the Ponte Vecchio, or sit on the steps of the Piazzale Michelangelo to admire Brunelleschi’s Dome think it is really unbeatable.

I am a romantic person like you and this it helps me very often to get a feeling for the couples of brides and grooms who choose me for their photo shoot in Tuscany. One thing that is particularly close to heart is to find the right light conditions.

That’s why I always suggest to couples that come to Tuscany to choose a period of two days or more from which to choose the most suitable one, to realize their wedding proposal in Tuscany, so choose a day with the sun and avoid a rainy day. I am a photographer with experience and this has made me realize the importance of getting maximum results for the creation of a photo shoot as important as your wedding proposal in Tuscany.


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