Wedding Planner in Tuscany

Wedding Planner in Tuscany?

Wedding Planner and Photographer Tuscany

Working as a wedding planner in Tuscany entails a thorough knowledge of the area. A good wedding planner must be able to get around the maze of innumerable roads, especially unpaved roads, tangling Tuscany. Some foreign couples fail to realize how complicated the orientation in the Tuscan area may be, especially when their wedding day includes a complicated itinerary. Sometimes they will decide to get married in a town hall, or church, and then need to reach the venue where the reception will be hosted. Things get even more complicated at night, and you can easily get lost in the Tuscan country roads offering very poor road signs.

This is only one of the aspects that pertain to wedding planners in Tuscany.

Another very delicate aspect is the relationship with the Bishop office, and in particular with the priests holding mass in the church selected for the celebration of the wedding. First of all, most couples find it a priority to have a priest that speaks their language, and this is often an unsurmountable problem. Also, quite often priests are not keen or celebrating the wedding of a couple who lives in a different country and that has no ties to the church selected and its congregations. In this case, the role of a wedding planner is more similar to that of a negotiator, without whom a substantial solution can hardly be reached.

Tuscan wedding planners must have an extensive knowledge of the venues and what these can offer to the couples.

Wedding planners must take into consideration the fact that foreign couples have little to no direct experience in organizing a wedding, and the professionalism and experience will help wedding planners appreciate which venues meet each couple’s specific needs. All variables need to be considered: the number of the guests, possible accommodation, suitable plan B, and so on. Organizing a wedding in Tuscany can be compared to a tailor-made suit.

There are no standard answers, each couple has its own characteristics and needs that are unlike any other’s.

Even the most experienced wedding planner in Tuscany may have to deal with the unexpected hiccup, be it delayed flight, or a priest lost in the countryside, and any problem that only a good professional is able to deal with and solve. As an experienced wedding photographer in Tuscany, I have worked with several wedding planners, and I would like to recommend Neve Faustini’s agency WedinFlorence based in Florence. Neve designs and plans weddings grounded of personality, feelings and emotions.

At Wed in Florence, they truly love to know as much as possible from their brides and grooms, listening their stories, how they met and what makes their relationship special. “Tuscany is a beautiful and romantic destination, with its rolling hills, breath taking views and amazing food. Sometimes half of the fun of planning a destination wedding is exploring the endless possibilities”, says Neve.

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+39 348 3370110