Wedding Photographer at Villa Fontanelle – Florence

Florence Wedding Photographer – Villa Fontanelle

Are you looking for a Wedding Photographer at Villa Fontanelle? I am Duccio Argentini and I am based in Florence. I provide my photography services here, where couples from different parts of the world come to spend their weddings. If you want to create a story for your wedding day through the photographs, I am the right photographer you could rely on. I will create wonderful images of your wedding at Villa Fontanelle.

Wedding Photographer at Villa Fontanelle Florence

Villa le Fontanelle, the perfect wedding venue for foreign couples who get married in Florence.

Its important past is connected to Cosimo de Medici, who granted the farm (it was nothing but a farm at that time!) to Marsilio Ficino. The latter was searching for a place to translate the Platonic codes and ended up founding the Platonic Academy right here.

Today, this place full of history is back to its former glory thanks to a careful restoration.

Villa le Fontanelle is an elegant gothic building located in the Florentine hills, just steps from the city. Inside the property all the chaos and the traffic will turn into a faded memory because the peace will completely embrace you. It’s is an ideal wedding venue for those who decide to get married in Florence, surrounded by wide open spaces, distributed on different levels because of the hills. A small chapel allows you to celebrate religious weddings without having to leave the villa and a beautiful Italian garden with a small pond in the center – inspired by the nineteenth-century art and made with 30,000 plants – will allow the couple to get beautiful photos.

The structure has many suites and it can easily accommodate both the spouses and their many guests. The suite located inside the tower, on the highest part of the villa, is absolutely the best choice for a couple. Set on three levels, it offers a 360degree view of the city of Florence. The fort is one of the most fascinating areas of the villa and it has been built just next to the main building to respect the architectonical harmony. Villa le Fontanelle is an intimate environment, ideal for romantic photographies of a just married couple. As a wedding photographer in Florence, I consider it one of the most suitable venues for a couple who wants to get married near the city of Florence.

It’s a location that offers everything: outdoor spaces with views of the city, gardens for your symbolic ceremony (or a church for the religious rite), and a beautiful swimming pool to party or relax before and after the wedding. Furthermore, its proximity to the airport (which is only 5 Km from the villa), makes it even one of the easiest places to reach for couples that decide to fly to Florence.

Wedding Photographer at Villa Fontanelle Florence

Wedding Photographer at Villa Fontanelle Florence