Dynamic Wedding Photographer



Hello, my name is Duccio Argentini, wedding photographer and a DOC Tuscan, just like a good Chianti wine. Better still, I am a dynamic wedding photographer and I love taking pictures of energetic, sporty couples. I love photographing the couples that want to feel free to move also on their wedding day.

Since we may have to meet in person only on your wedding day, let me tell you a little of myself, and most of all, why I call myself a dynamic photographer.

It all started when, at 11, my camera became an extension of my body. At that very young age, I couldn’t keep still; I took pictures and tried out experiments in the darkroom as though I was playing with my chemistry set, or practicing sorcery.

Can you picture me? This young kid, happy as can be amidst chemical substances, photographic paper, negatives, dozens of pictures hung to dry.

At the time, little did I know that photography would become my profession; in fact, for a few years, I veered towards university studies and became an architect.

Before I finally discovered my bent for dynamic wedding photography, I was one of the many photographers.

I love sports, so I started my career dealing with snowboards, surfs and kitesurfs. And since I liked the environment and was pretty good at writing, I started publishing articles in trade magazines such as Snowboarder, Surfer, etc. This went on for over 8 years, and I published my reportage articles in Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Australia.

The job didn’t pay, it was mostly for the glory, and I was passionate about it. Unfortunately, I could not foresee any real perspectives, but as luck would have it.

I met a wedding photographer, and since then, everything changed! I started photographing weddings full time, getting increasingly passionate about them.

Wedding after wedding (250 and counting), I realized that the many years of sports photography had taught me to seize the moment and to always be ready to capture the actions. This is why I am a dynamic photographer.

I have learned to forestall an action before it happens, like the time I saw a bride run to his groom and jump in his arms!

I can hardly explain the emotion and energy of that moment! And now that couple will be able to relive that jump every time they want!

That special moment was kept forever, much better than a posed picture during the champagne toast, don’t you agree?

What I especially like in photographing easy-going couples that love sports, is the fact that one never knows what will follow and how we’ll have fun together during the service.

  • you want to go for a Vespa ride across lovely sunflower fields. I’m ready!
  • you want to go horse riding in the Chianti hills at sunset with the love of your life. I’ll ride with you and will immortalize your emotions.
  • you want to dive in the ocean and surf. Wait, I’ll get my surf board!

I’ll tell you my secret: my dream is to take pictures of a couple while they skate on a lovely frozen lake. Could that be you?

Just remember this, I will never be interfering, but I will always be close enough to help you a coordinate the times between pictures.

I will interfere the least possible, I’ll just guide you to the best light, and help you laugh and play. I will suggest ideas, but will never impose them.

I love spontaneity, so I will capture your laugh, your actions, hugs, dances, and any running child I will see during the wedding reportage.

If you are a little shy and are not used to being photographed, I will make you and your guests feel comfortable. And your children too, if you have them.

Yes, but where will I take your pictures?

You picked Italy and Tuscany for your special day, but you are not sure you can find the right spots for your photo service?

I will take you to the places that will make each snap special.

You prefer Florence and its renowned beauty? I will be with you, and in other Tuscan cities, maybe small little-known gems, perfect for your photo service.

Now you know me as a dynamic photographer, and you know how I can help you stay true also during your wedding in Italy. So why don’t you contact me?

Tell me about you and what I can do to make your photographic service unforgettable, dynamic, and fun:

Here’s to your wedding!

PS. Need to learn more? Want to know why you should choose me? Read the 7 reasons why you should entrust me with the memories of your wedding…


Seven reasons why you should entrust me with the memories of your wedding

1) Yes, I do speak English!Communication will be easy and the language barrier will not prevent you from enjoying your day.
I will put you and your beloved ones at ease. I will explain what happens during the day and will reply all your questions. Just relax and enjoy the moment, no worried pictures of you two where you figure out how to communicate with me!
2) You can be who you are, especially if you are a sport-loving, dynamic couple.
I consider myself an “extreme” wedding photographer. Before I dedicated myself to weddings, I was a sports and travel photographer, so I am trained in following moving people. In other words:

  • I can follow you if you exchange your vows on the snow, wearing your skis.
  • I will follow you if you dive to surf.
  • I will follow you on motorbikes in sunflower fields.
  • I will follow your horse-riding on the beach.
  • I will wear ice skates to take your pictures on a frozen lake.
  • I will bike with you along the streets of a medieval hamlet.
  • Are you a Bungee Jumpers? I dare you to challenge me!

3) You are choosing a professional who has worked since 1996, and in particular as a wedding photographer since 2005 with over 250 couples.
Your wedding day is too important (and irreplaceable) to risk having meh pictures due to an unexperienced photographer who won’t be able to face any problem that may arise. I can help you overcome the small hiccups that may happen during the ceremony. Rain, for example? I will find a way to take your pictures the following day.
4) I will help you select and reach the best spots for outdoors photographs.
I am familiar with Florence, my hometown, and several other beautiful Italian town and cities. I know where to find the best backdrop for your photos, and I know how to get there: hidden city corners, desert beaches and green golf courses alike. If you are not keen on driving in Italy, I can drive you to the selected spot for your outdoors pictures.
5) I will be at your complete disposal for as long as you need me.
Do you want me to be with you from the getting-ready to the cutting of the cake? Or maybe only for the ceremony and the reception? No problem! In any case, I will not only take your pictures, but will also help you manage timings and running order of your wedding. I will suggest ideas to obtain the best results, but you will obviously make the final decisions. If some of your beloved ones cannot be at the wedding, I will send you a few pictures you can forward to them the next day.
6) Getting to know me and planning your service is easy, also from abroad.
If we can’t meet in person before the wedding, we can speak on Skype, via e-mail, Facebook or WhatsApp.I reply to messages within 12 hours, trust me!
7) Duccio, your dynamic photographer, is always ready to go!
If you’ve decided last minute, or your photographer has gone AWOL, no problem! If I am not booked, you can count on me. It’s happened in the past; I’ve saved lovely memories with a service booked 24 hours before! Of course, my preference is to plan my work and meet the couple beforehand, but I am always ready to go, also outside of Tuscany.