Siena Wedding Photos: My Honeymoon Session For Lisa and Chris

Among the Tuscan towns where marry, Siena is one of the ones I prefer. Just look in the Piazza del Campo to realize that just for the show that offers the famous square, home to the Palio race, it pays to be got here.

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Lisa and Chris came together just at the entrance of the municipal building. The guests are all already arrived. Expects only the arrival of the mayor to enter. Finally everything is ready and you can finally start the civil ceremony. The bride and groom are the last to climb the stairs to the upper floor. Music can be heard in the room and the ceremony begins. The introduction of the mayor speaks of the city of Siena, and how he is proud that so many couples as they choose Siena and Tuscany to celebrate their marriage. A civil ceremony accompanied by the beautiful sound of the piano. The wonderful day of May is beginning to filter the sunlight from the large windows, accentuating the orange red of the walls of the hall. Simple questions spoken by the mayor and the couple is officially married. The exchange of rings in fact not actually enshrines the official bond. Translation from Italian to German to lengthen the ceremony just enough that you can make it even better, since often the civil ceremony is almost always too short. By now we are at the end of the rite and missing are the signatures of the couple and witnesses to make official the marriage certificate. The mayor warmly welcomes the married couple and once outside we decided to spend some of our time to take pictures inside the museum room. The rooms of the museum provide a perfect setting to take some beautiful pictures. The red terracotta floors and frescoes on the ceilings are a perfect combination of light and color. After a short walk inside the rooms we head outside of the town. Everything is ready for the launch of the rice. The bride and groom are walking in the middle of the virtual corridor created by relatives and friends who celebrate the new couple. It’s time to leave Siena and headed for the place of receipt. Along the way we stop near an ancient Roman bridge of the bridge bank. All in stone, crosses the river x in a very green area. As soon as I saw this old bridge I’m loving it. Like something out of a film set in the time of brave knights. Take some photos convince the couple to get off on the river. The bridge and the thick vegetation are the backdrop to our images. The day draws to a close and back into the car in the direction of the villa. Upon our arrival a toast rite away and look at all for group photos with relatives. The day runs smoothly and I take pictures without disturbing the couple guests. The sun begins to set and guests sit at the table for dinner.