wedding photographer in Rome

wedding in rome colosseum engagement service photoshooting pictures rings blessing symbolic ceremonywedding photographer in rome villa la selvotta photography venue ceremony receptionwedding photographers photos hire photographic service rome italywedding photos villa ceremony friends family photos intim religious ringslooking for a wedding photographer photos reportage natural picturesAfter a wonderful day spent around the center of Rome for the engagement session, finally came the big day . Arrived near Castel Gandolfo here that I find the entrance to the  Villa La Selvotta .Karin is already in the room that is being prepared . Around her is a great turmoil . Mom has her friends help her to complete final preparations . Small cowboy Texans spy curious scene . We are at the final stage . Finally wearing the dress! All the terrace for a group photo with the bridesmaid . Meanwhile I am called downstairs . Jeremy is running out to hook his corsage with the help of his mother . All guests are already sitting in the garden, waiting for the arrival of the bride .  I stand near the door of the villa , waiting for the bride . Here they come. They walk hand in hand . She excited his father proud look and secure. A short walk on the lawn and the bride passes into the hands of the future husband . It begins ! The celebrant introduces the ceremony . Fine words full of emotions . Then is the time of the promises that the spouses do for the rest of life . Then the crucial moment of the ceremony : the exchange of rings . The ceremony ends with a loud applause of the guests ,  while the young couple kissing passionately . Hand in hand through the area of the ceremony by walking under the eyes of friends and family happy . It's time for kisses and hugs , one of those who prefer because load of real emotions . After the tension we allow ourselves a little time for the photos of the couple and for those groups .    Then everyone to celebrate with a drink . In a moment of relax time during the cocktail party , the groom draws the attention of the guests took the floor and makes an  announcement . The couple is expecting twins ! All are crying for joy and hug Karin and Jeremy . The sun is setting and the group of guests is prepared for dinner , while I allotment towards Florence .