Wedding photographer in Italy

wedding photographer in italy photographic service venue civil ceremony religious symbolicAs a photographer for wedding Tuscany , of course I prefer , if possible , create photo shoots in my region, Tuscany . I know the most famous places of my region , such as Siena , Florence , San Gimignano , Volterra and Certaldo . But the list of places would be too long . But sometimes it happens to be contacted by a married couple who absolutely want you as a photographer for their wedding , despite this choice involves a transfer . And so we leave, at a time of regions often , fortunately , quite close to us , and then with a minimum commitment of travel and consequent time taken. This year I have worked in many regions : Liguria, Lazio , Umbria . But I also took a plane to reach the beautiful Palermo . But how do you do when you go to places unfamiliar to us ? The best thing , and that I always do , is to rely on colleagues in the area, we can help guide us in the streets and in the most evocative , that surely would have remained unknown to us without their help . Of course when you choose to work at hundreds of miles from home we must consider many aspects , such as travel and their variables : more road you take to get to the venue of the marriage , the greater the risk that something unexpected happens , as a slowdown due to an accident or simply traffic typical of the summer . At the beginning of the season , for example , I spent in Rome two days, to achieve an engagement on the first day and the second marriage , always with the same torque . Luckily I had a valuable colleague in the area that I have been a guide in the eternal city , showing the best route to capture the most beautiful places by the prospect more appealing . Advice to anyone who decides to move to an area that does not know , to use as a backup , local colleagues . Another important thing is to assess the timing for the return and to manage the pictures of the wedding : download cards , recharge the batteries or something . Because it is very likely that we will wait for a new marriage or engagement , a short time since our return