Wedding photographer in villa Le Rondini , Florence, Tuscany

tuscan wedding photographer palazzo vecchio venue villa reception hire booking photographic serviceElisa and Craig contact me only a few months before the date of their marriage . One of the many mixed couples (he English, her Italian ) who choose the city of Florence as a place to celebrate their marriage . Elisa was born in the Tuscan capital , but took the opportunity to move to London where he now works in a stable way . Li knew Craig , a young Englishman whose shortly after she fell in love . And the choice to celebrate their union could only fall on the beautiful hometown of Elisa . The period chosen by the couple is perfect : in July , the middle of summer . But this year the summer seems to have forgotten the beautiful Italian , too often affected by boring rainy days . Even the date of their choice was not spared by the weather : fortunately we still get good pictures during the festivities outside Palazzo Vecchio , without a drop of water . Just time to realize the group photo that starts to rain . Quickly reach the place of refreshment, a restaurant which fortunately is only a few tens of meters from the Palazzo Vecchio . After a short break and a toast , the appointment is at Villa Le Rondini , a beautiful residence on the Florentine hills , just a few kilometers from the center of Florence . The location is stunning : an Italian garden surrounds the villa you can see all of Florence in its beauty . During a break granted by bad weather we can take a walk in the garden , to take some pictures of the couple . Despite the weather is not nice light on the contrary it is very nice, although Elisa and Craig are shy and do not really want to get to take pictures yourself. As a wedding photographer I experienced a glance to understand that the spouses do not want to go any further with the photos , and then we gather the group of guests. Time runs fast between a laugh and a hug and a drink arrived already at the end : it's time for dinner. A beautiful room allows its course without problems ; despite outside continues to rain. The food is excellent thanks to the internal catering villa . Time flies and in a moment we are outside the villa for the cutting of the cake . A final toast and the evening is over . The guests take their leave by the married one at a time and the evening ends with the classic first dance of the newlyweds .