Engagement Photography In Florence: My Photo Shoots in Fiesole

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As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I often work as a wedding photographer wedding in Fiesole, a small town very close to the city of Florence.

You can see here some my photos about wedding in Fiesole on my blog.

The reasons for choosing the town hall of Fiesole are: mainly because the city of Florence is always very crowded with tourists, and the town is really full of couples who marry continuously. So the time given to each couple is really limited and this can be a stress-factor. Another reason is the place: Fiesole is a town nestled in the hills, a wonderful place. Enough to travel five minutes in the car to be in the middle of olive trees, and in the background the city of Florence.

So a perfect Tuscan town to take pictures of their wedding in Tuscany .As wedding photographer in Fiesole I love taking my photographs in the Roman theater of Fiesole, which is located a few meters from the town hall of Fiesole. Especially during the summer, which is very hot in Italy, find themselves in the hill it means you have a better climate, cooler.

If then after the civil ceremony in Fiesole you want to realize their wedding pictures in Florence, for classic background  like the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Signoria, simply drive 30 minutes by car and you will be in the city center.

As wedding  photographer in Fiesole I advice to married couples to choose this Tuscan destination for your wedding , whether you choose a civil ceremony rather than a religious one. Surely the city of Fiesole with its churches and its town hall is a good alternative to the town hall of Florence and with the Red Room is always one of the most beautiful places to get married , but the Red Room is very expensive and too many couples want to get married at the Palazzo Vecchio.