hire e tuscany wedding photographer florence photojournalistic style no poses civil ceremony religious blessing siena cortona fiesole certaldoI am a professional photographer, born in Tuscany, to be precise in Florence. Why do I say this? Because I firmly believe that choosing a local supplier is an added value in all directions. Primarily because the photographer is often a connoisseur of the territory, whether it’s a church that speaks of a villa. It is true that probably won’t be enough a lifetime to learn about all the churches, large and small, of city and countryside of Tuscany. The same applies to the villas and cottages. But the big advantage is that if you don’t know a place you can easily make an inspection, in order to evaluate both the spaces that their organization: how to move from one environment to another, where you can take photos of the bride and groom en route that separates the Church (or common) from the place of receipt. If you manage to find suitable places to take pictures along the way, surely there will be a time-saver, which will make it possible to devote more space to party of the newlyweds and their guests. Another reason to choose a wedding photographer Tuscany, is what is called the short chain: take a photographer from abroad often means to catch a plane to the professional in question, with additional charges often not justified by the end result. There are foreign countries that tax heavily importing foreign products such as albums, for example. Calculating the tax on the value of the latter but the estimated value of the photographic service! This is to discourage the importation of products from another country, at the expense of those internally. And I think that is a fair, sensible policy. There are excellent local professionals, for all tastes and all budgets. So because¬†call someone who lives on the other side of the world, and that will cost you in the end times?