Wedding photographer and weddingplanner

Wedding photographer and weddingplanner in recent years has become increasingly saw the role of the wp within wedding. Widely used by foreign couples for obvious logistical reasons, lately has seen the use of weddingplanner on the part of Italian couples. Why? Because the wp understands all suppliers and will advise the couple which one to choose. Why a couple is unable to better organize your marriage alone. The final results will be below expectations and eventually will be spent certainly more. But the weddingplanner has a cost! Yes, this is true. But it is also true that the latter’s compensation will be absorbed with what you save on various providers. Of course, because wp has some preferential channels and then subsidized price. For the wedding photographer, the weddingplanner represents a good channel to find work: when you establish a good relationship between the parties, you have all of the benefits. The photographer will be able to count on an alternate channel to find their own jobs, and the couple will weddingplanner that the photographer is not only reliable, but it is what is right for them, the perfect photographer for their wedding.