What happens when it rains on your wedding day? How are the photos? Where will the photos? Rain is perhaps the worst nightmare of every bride, the event that most anguish the married couple. Surely everyone would prefer a gorgeous sunny day for your marriage, even if many do not know, that a day of full sun is not the best in terms of light and the success of the photographs. You choose a professional photographer for many reasons: one of these is the experience, and then being able to build a photo shoot of your marriage even in case of rain. I personally I organize as well: first equipment, tropicalised base surely, whether flash or cameras and lenses. Then I move with at least two umbrellas, one for me one for the bride and groom. Regarding the logistics of marriage, always study paths and especially alternative places where the photo shoot of the bride and groom. In Florence, for example, when a marriage takes place in common with civil ceremony, there are many indoor spaces but not indoors, which allow you to take great pictures: places like the Uffizi Gallery, The Loggia del Lanzi, the Loggia del Porcellino, and so on. Then you can take advantage of the beautiful Tuscan villas, rooms that are often chosen as place of receipt. Then you have to consider that the wedding day is very long and marrying in summer, the daylight hours available to allow you to make better use of the time, producing pictures of the bride and groom at the time of the rain break. So if the couple faces unexpected situation with the right spirit, your photographer will surely of original photos and just as beautiful as those that we could accomplish in a sunny day.