Wedding photographer and the bride and groom: use the reportage style or not

Each of us photographers has his philosophy of approach to wedding, and the latter’s choice often determines the success of the lead pretty much home work (in negotiation phase of course). Yes, because it is not said that the couple seek a photographer who works too much posing, which calls the couple continuously telling him what to do and vice versa. I think that the perfect formula is a fair mix between pure reportage and pose. The wedding photographer is a person constantly present, such an intimate event like a wedding, you play it in church or in the municipality, which has 30 or 300 guests. And as intimate event must, in my opinion, find a minimal relationship with the people present, and of course the bride and groom but also the guests. Because a smile or a joke at the right moment, can facilitate situations already sympathetic to photograph, that otherwise it “would drown out” in an instant. Over the years I realized that to have a photo of the bride and groom really spontaneous, without them you irrigidiscano, you have to have a certain feeling with them. If there are hardly spontaneous will arise as a serious and rigorous professional who maintains a detachment with the couple. It’s the thin boundary that separates competent and professional appearance of the photographer and that being friendly enough to make sure that everything works well. Photo? I would say more psychology! The reviews do you conquer you, from your images, but also by the words of a skilled professional, that will ease the bride a moment before leaving the car in front of the Church, speaks and reassuring. As a longtime friend. This is possible if we won that much just enough confidence to help relax the couple at the appropriate time. A minimum of control over the scene, which is enough to create that energy in the pictures that I wanted, without altering too much spontaneity. In English is a genre of photography that is Contemporary, which is a fair middle ground between pure reportage and photography all posing. I think it’s the winning formula: I believe that my photos of weddings shot in Tuscany and even outside the region, give me reason