Wedding photographer: an artist as well as a professional photography

wedding photographer in italy tuscany marriage bride groom villa landscape boquet dress photos reportage photographywhy sometimes it seems too expensive a photographer for weddings? Because after all take simple photos, how often can do, apparently, a friend or relative who has a fairly good equipment. Why? I’ll explain. Why has so much experience, why is specialized in weddings and then prepared and ready to deal with any contingencies. This is not the first time I hear a cry, because the photos of the exchange of the rings are not there, or simply because the hard drive (the one and only?) no longer works and is unable to retrieve the images. But when we despair, it is often too late. And this to save the only tangible thing that remains of the wedding: photos (except for the dress, a little bit like a memory of the most important days of our lives). Not counting the artistic side of photography: Yes, of course, also a wedding photographer can and should be considered an artist, with a recognizable and distinctive style. Because photography, beyond the technical aspect, which should be strict (i.e. a photo must be technically flawless) must know how to excite. There are photographers who travel from the other side of the world, called by a pair of another country simply because they said: “for my most important day, my wedding, I want him!”