wedding in italy

getting married in florence town hall fiesole villa di maiano italy reception venue villa civil ceremonyGetting married in Italy. It is definitely a favorite destination of many foreign couples who prefer to celebrate their wedding abroad. Two types of couples. The first is the young couple, but not always, that he decided to get married in Italy. Often alone or at most accompanied by another couple who then will make their wedding witnesses. But the other moves literally marriage in Italy. Rent a villa for himself and guests. The type is often represented by a group of thirty maximum 50 people. The main reason is the ceremony but then you stay in Italy for a vacation or better honey moon, for about ten days. The choice of the ceremony is very subjective. In recent years have increased the number of symbolic ceremonies. Not always the cups foreign feel the need to have a legal union and recognized. Then avoids the variable documents which clearly is not necessary. As for the choice of the region depends very much on the bride's dream: one imagines a ceremony in the vineyards of Tuscany or perhaps in an old villa in the Roman countryside. Often you choose the romantic Venice. But there is no limit to the imagination and as a wedding photographer in Italy every year I see ceremonies and places that I had not seen before. It is one of the factors that prompted me to do this job. The meet new people, new cultures, places unknown to me before.