Venice Wedding Photography: Read My Story

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September 17, 2015 was a day to remember. This is the day my wife and I got married in Italy, Venice. This marriage came after five amazing years we spent together building our love, dreams and ambitions. Since the very beginning of our relationship, we thought of Venice as one of the most romantic cities in the world and a perfect place for wedding shoot. This was why we wanted to leave ourselves with a great memory from this stunning city.

After weeks of searching and browsing through different websites for a professional photographer, it was clear for both of us that Duccio Argentini should be our guy. His photos were very stylish, creative and just perfect to look at. We immediately contacted him and he was very kind to offer his help in a way that most professional photographers will hesitate to do.

On the shooting day, Duccio was right on time and well prepared. We started wandering around Venice while Duccio was choosing the best locations to take our photos and pushing us to be comfortable with the camera as much as possible.

The weather that day was extremely nice. It was a bit foggy and Duccio kept on saying that it was magical. As we were taking our first photos, an old guy approached me and my wife and started singing for us. People were congratulating us, taking photos of us and laughing with us. Duccio captured every moment of this and was able to come up with the most spontaneous photos ever.

This was absolutely an unforgettable experience, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to do it and to add a great chapter of romance to our life through Duccio’s photography who was with no doubt the perfect guy for the perfect day.