wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany

wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany!

“Ben and I knew each other from a distance. We met while studying hospitality at Cornell University but did not get the chance to spend much time together.

wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany

As fate would have it, Ben followed his passion into food and beverage. So he was asked to be the general manager of a restaurant in Plantation, Florida. I followed my pursuits into finance and real estate. and traded New York City for a chance to be a few feet from the ocean in Miami Beach, close to my family.

It was not until I reconnected with Ben in Florida. It we got the opportunity to finally get to know one another. Since reconnecting, we discovered that we had so much in common. We both share similar values. They are religious views and are passionate about family, food & wine, traveling and sports.

Getting ready in Agriturismo Il Mattone

Ben traded in his corporate restaurant to be part of the new opening of Beaker & Gray and moved to South Beach to be with me. From that moment, everything happened quickly! Ben proposed over a Thanksgiving dinner with all our family members in attendance and from there, the rest is history! Our dream wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany was real!

wedding in San Gmignano


We got married at Agriturisimo Il Mattone in Ulignano, Italy. After studying art history abroad in Siena, I found it to be one of the most romantic places, with amazing food and people with gusto for life. So it seemed fitting to get married there.


Ben and I did not want a huge wedding. We wanted to create a destination vacation wedding with our immediate family and closet friends. When I told my parents of this idea, they may have been overwhelmed. Anyway, they  jumped on board, figured out how to skype and ignored their legal training as there would be no contracts in Italy, only handshakes.


From there, we started the adventure of planning a wedding in Italy.

Our inspiration for the day was simple.


Symbolic ceremony in Tuscany

We wanted to accentuate the beauty of the natural setting, choosing seasonal flowers that were bright and fragrant.


We also wanted to create an authentic experience and used only local vendors. It would create what we considered the most memorable celebration of our lives. To that extent, and because of language and distance barriers. So we relied on our wedding planner and local vendors to make decisions and knew that it would be beautiful.

wedding in San Gimignano

The day would have been incomplete without the effort of Ben and his family, who wrote a beautiful religious ceremony that will forever have meaning in our lives.”

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wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany