wedding in Castello di Meleto, tuscany

getting married in tuscany castello di meleto photos florence gaiole in chianti reportage town hall civil ceremony religious belssing symbolicWhen we speak of Meleto Castle, I think only the beautiful scenery of the Chianti and of the territory of Gaiole in Chianti, but also his history.
The border location, bordering the republics of Siena and Florence, has meant that the Castle has been the scene of numerous wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines, including the second aragonese invasion of Chianti in 1478, when it was occupied by enemy troops and during the war of doctors in 1529, when he was besieged by the Sienese minizie.
The castle’s history is also a history of weddings, like that between Lucrezia, daughter of Alberto Firidolfi or that of Elizabeth, in 1852, Baron Bettino’s daughter: from today can become the story of your wedding in a unique and charming place.

Meleto Castle you can organize wedding receptions: guests will have access to the entire main floor of the Castle (a series of decorated and frescoed halls), the garden, the beautiful terrace overlooking the panorama of the Chianti hills, and the stable, where you can entertain guests and the bride and groom with the dances. The wedding partycan be arranged according to your wishes: an aperitif in the garden, lunch or dinner in the Castle wedding, dance in the stable; or, conversely, an aperitif in the Castle, lunch or dinner in the stable, the garden to stand in the Sun. A ballroom in case of bad weather or the garden are at your disposal for a party that may continue until midnight or until late at night if you want to book all 6 rooms of the Castle. The kitchen, Catering available that you will have chosen, is wide and spacious.

For the photo shoot with your wedding photographer, over the garden with views over the Tuscan hills, you can use the beautiful halls of the Castle. Just to mention a few, there are the Sala della Stufa, coat-of-arms Room and Virginia Hall. These rooms can be used to take pictures of the marriage in case of rain, or simply to offer an alternative to the classic photo with the probe of the hills of Gaiole in Chianti.
In short, if you want to get married in Tuscany, in the heart of the Tuscan hills, Meleto Castle will offer you besides beautiful scenery a place full of history.