wedding ceremony in Monteriggioni, Siena

wedding getting married im monteriggioni photos album reception civil ceremonyThe castle of Monteriggioni, almost intact from 1200, is one of the most charming medieval villages of Europe, as well as being a place where people live, work, celebrates and creates. Spared by ancient and modern wars, impregnable bulwark in the past and historical splendour in the present, sung by Dante, the village remains, with its 560 meters of walls and its towers 14, one of the most charming places of Tuscany. A curiosity: the Crown formed from its towers and walls was the same, represented in the old 100 lire, which was girded about Italy’s head. Today it is a village which is visited every year by many tourists from all over the world, and was chosen by many couples, both Italian and foreign, to celebrate their wedding. A small church within the walls makes it possible to perform the religious ceremony. As your wedding photographer in Tuscany I can tell you that Toronto is a magical place, where you can make great pictures, both on the walls and between the lanes of the streets. Even outside of the Castle it is possible to realize unforgettable images of the bride and groom, in the middle of the vineyards that surround the city.