Best Honeymoon Photo Shoot Locations In Florence: Unusual Places



Best Spots for Wedding Photography in Florence? Choose Unusual places? Of course you can do it! If you will find a wedding local photographer.

You are getting married in Tuscany and are looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding photos.

bride and groom playng over Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

florence wedding photographer

You search high and low and find someone whose photos you really love. Before booking this person, though, think of this:

You are probably not used to moving around Tuscany. In order to make sure that your wedding photos get amazing at least your photographer should be local.

bride and groom in Piazza della Repubblica, Florence

tuscan wedding photographer

– well of course any photographer coming from the outside will be able to move around Florence and shoot the classic locations. But if you want different photos, maybe from places lesser known or from the charming tuscan countryside, you will need definitely a local person.

Were you in doubt whether to choose the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany and finally chose Tuscany? Well, you can reach the sea and beautiful rocky shores where to get some marvelous photos taken.

There are also places in Florence that are SOOO worth a visit – that I, as Tuscan, did not know myself until a couple of years ago. A beautiful garden or a hidden hall in the area of Piazza Signoria offering numerous possibilities of getting those once-in-a-lifetime memories.

bride and groom are walking in front Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

local wedding photographer

If you think that “anyone can find the hidden angles”, well, you are free to choose the photographer coming from the outside. If I were you I’d choose a local with knowledge directly from the region of your heart. If you would like to take a look at my previous post about photographic service in Florence, please see here:

Here is to your wedding.