Tuscany Castle Wedding Photographer: Gargonza Real Wedding

Getting married in the Tuscany castle wedding venue of Gargonza. This was the choice of Sonia and Paul, a loving couple who dreamed of a wedding in Italy. Among all the Italian regions they chose Tuscany, the most loved by those couples that decide to plan a destination wedding.

Tuscany Castle Wedding Venue: Gargonza

And to make their dream come true, the most romantic solution was a castle. The castle of Gargonza, in the Val di Chiana area of Tuscany, has a special charm. A real fortified village, dating back to the 13th century, characterized by the presence of a Romanesque church and a splendid gate dating back to 1200. Built on a hill, it is located halfway between the cities of Arezzo and Siena.

Sonia and Paul are a young Lebanese couple that flew to Italy with a group of close friends and relatives to celebrate their wedding at the castle of Gargonza.

Upon my arrival, after a brief inspection of the structure to figure out where I could take good pictures of the couple, I went to introduce myself to the bride. Sonia was already getting ready and I tried to reassure her by describing my working method: I am not invasive and, above all, I don’t create any stress to the couple. I took some pictures of the preparations, then I headed to the the ceremony location.

Paul was already there receiving the first guests, while the witness was helping him with the boutounnière. I could immediately notice that he was tense and emotional. I tried to reassure him with a smile and told him to relax because everything was going to be fine. When the bride got finally ready, the closest friends greeted her in front of the door of her room and I took some pictures of the precious moment.

I followed Sonia outdoor to the area dedicated to the ceremony. I made sure all the guests were sitting and then I made my way. The light in this late August day is very warm and beautiful, and this helped me to shot some unique photos.

The ceremony is very emotional and heartfelt: both by the spouses and the guests are visibly touched.

After the exchange of rings and the final signatures, all the anxiety disappeared and the couple could finally loosen up, with splendid smiles and joy. Everyone congratulated with kisses and hugs. At the aperitif I took some spontaneous photos and then I approached the bride and groom to ask them if they wanted to have some couple shots around the castle. We decided to go towards the beautiful garden, just for a few photos, because Sonia and Paul are a private couple and they don’t like to be too much n front of the camera.

By then the evening was approaching and the guests headed towards dinner area. The set up was great and the atmosphere was fabulous, with the tables lit up by classic rows of hanging lights. Food was coming from a large brazier where grilled meat was being cooked. Finally, once dinner was over, guests went wild, dancing and singing­­, on this warm late Summer evening.

Getting married in a castle in Tuscany, Gargonza: the dream come true of this young Lebanese couple.

bride's getting married Gargonza

final getting ready of the bride, tuscany

bouquet and choes of the tuscan bride

bridesmade help the bride to dress

first meeting between bride and the bestfriend

the bride is ready for the tuscan ceremony

flowers details

flower on the table, tuscan ceremony

bride's portrait

bride are walking toward the ceremony area

outdoor tuscan ceremony

emotional look of the groom

emotional moment for the bride

just after of the change of the rings

outdoor ceremony, change of the rings

official read during the ceremony

first kiss after the outdoor ceremony

pictures group at Gargonza castle

bride and groom pictures at Gargonza

bride and her guest guring the aperitif

blue hour at Gargonza castle

perfect set for wedding dinner

bride with her guest: enjoy!

bride and groom at Gargonza Castle, Tuscany

bride and groom, first dance at Castle of Gargonza