tuscan wedding photographer without poses

contemporary style photographer natural no poses reportage photojournalistic wedding ceremony civil blessing symbolic venue florence tuscany italyWhat it means to be a photographer working and realizes photographic services for wedding without poses ? It means looking at the scene and shoot what happens , without interrupting what happens . Said these words seems easy , but it is not so. People during a wedding will move continuously and the photographer does not know what will happen . Especially in times where it’s nice to make candid shots , are often the most difficult to photograph : as during the customary greetings after the launch of rice , where people are all really close the wedding couple : it is not easy to take pictures while a hundred people move in a narrow space . And the photographer must try to take good pictures without disturbing the bride and groom and their guests . This is the reason because  a good wedding photographer reportage often has a high rates . It ‘ a job that requires a high professionalism and experience . I define this contemporary style : because the reportage pure it is realized only at certain times of the day , during which people are actually distracted by the event , and so even if you are very close to the subject, this does not look at the photographer and pictures are so much more realistic . While at other times of the day the photos involve inevitably the guests . Then comes in the personality of the photographer in engaging the guests , taking pictures still fun and natural .