The wedding photography and colours of Tuscany

booking hire a wedding photographer in italy tuscany for photographic service photos photography civil religious blessing certaldo cortona volterra lucca siena san gimignano fiesoleThe wedding season officially starts in may, although lately there are more rules: couples choose to get married in the spring and often in winter, when maybe you have more time to devote to travel after the wedding. The colors that accompany marriage mark the different seasons: in May the grain is still green and often must settle for a background for photos of olive trees or the ever present rows of cypresses, who identify well with the classic Tuscan landscape, be it of Val d’Orcia and Siena. With the approach of summer, here’s the wheat become Golden, with its warm colors. A field of ears is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to take pictures of the newly married couple: just get out of the gates of the city of Florence to find beautiful golden fields, where amazing reportage photo shoot. Once collected, the grain is another classic: the hay bales, these offer valuable insights for pictures of the wedding in Tuscany. With the month of July, peep the beautiful sunflowers, which with their bright yellow color and intense the numerous fields along the roads of Tuscany. Of course it is not easy to take a photo in the middle of a field of sunflowers: are often very high and rigid stems. Not the best for a bride who should move in an often cumbersome outfit! But the choice of the most suitable field, which also offers an easy passage for newlyweds, it is the task of an expert photographer: I for example, I almost always have an inspection of the location, to understand where it is better to carry out the service of wedding photos. With the end of summer comes September, perhaps the most beautiful month to light: very hot and soft, enhances even more the colors of the leaves of the vineyard. Of course, the vines are not a prerogative of Tuscany: only in California or Australia lie the vineyards, but the Tuscan landscape, with its colours, is unmistakable.