Florence unknown places for photos of the bride and groom

As a wedding photographer born in Florence and with lots of experience in this field, I’ve learned to discover new places and new perspectives in the beautiful and super photographed city of Florence.

Such as Brunelleschi’s dome is a typical background in photos of the bride and groom. As a sort of trademark. But there are lesser known prospects of the beautiful Florence: such as photographing the bride and groom in the Bardini gardens that allows you to capture the bride and groom with the prospect of a new dome. Also you can enjoy the terrace Brunelleschi is breathtaking.

The photographer and the bride and groom are located practically in front of the dome. Even Florence seen from the Arno River offers a new perspective for the photographer. You can rent a ride on boats of the famous Renaioli ( sand diggers), which once were used to remove the sand from the bottom of the Arno.

A true profession now disappeared. With their boats you can pass under the splendid Ponte Vecchio and take pictures for the photo album of the bride and groom with new perspectives.