Honeymoon Photo Shoot In Tuscany: The Importance Of Personality

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the personality of your tuscan wedding photographer


italian photographer ceremony weddingtuscan photos wedding tuscanyWhy is it important for you how your wedding memories are created?

If you are here, it means that you could be interested in having someone to shoot your wedding photos. In other words: You are looking to choose a photographer who will document your wedding day.
The first problem is that you don’t know what a photographer does besides “taking photos“.
But this is the smaller part of the performance – there are other aspects that you will need to take into account:
1. If you want to end your wedding day wishing that it could be going on you will need to find a photographer who will allow you to really enjoy your day.
If you are constantly pulled away from your guests or put into strange poses standing still for minutes it might not be a great experience for you.
You will need a photographer who is able to allow you to relax and enjoy while he gets the images you will love afterwards.
2. As you will be spending your day with this person – yes, he is the only person you will have next to you in every situation you will go through – you will need to find someone who is also capable of making bonds with you. Someone who will make you feel comfortable, at ease during the big steps (preparing for the ceremony, walking down the aisle, your first glance at your arrival etc.) All these moments have their magic and you will want someone able to let you live those moments to their fullest.
Paying attention to the personality of your photographer and making sure it matches yours is a must-have.
3. If you ignore these first two points what will the price you will pay be?
Not economically speaking but in terms of emotional quality of your photos.
If you are irritated because you are constantly pulled away from family and friends and if you don’t have a good feeling with your photographer you cannot have those lovely photos that you desire and deserve.
So ask yourself: How do I want my wedding day to be? Relaxed and filled with joy or tense because you chose the wrong photographer?
(if you chose the first solution, send me a message. Let’s see if we could make a good match.)