Wedding photographic service in Tuscany: The make-up of the bride and her bouquet

Tuscany Wedding PhotosOn the wedding day the bride and groom are there for all to see: friends and family that you observe in the church during the ceremony, while parading through the tables of the receipt for the greetings ; during the cutting of the cake and the first dance. And this is repeated through the images that the photographer takes the whole day of the wedding.

Images that appear on the album and in the video, which will be seen by other people not present at the wedding.

Surely what you will notice most is the make-up of the real star of the day : the bride . Same thing goes for the bouquet , almost always present in the frames of the photographer. E ‘ for this reason that these details will be the subject of special attention from the bride . Especially as the day is long and often hot . So you will have to think of a facial makeup that is able to withstand long hours, under a lot of stress , such as sweat and the many people who will touch the face of the bride to embrace her and kiss her.

The same goes for the flowers in the bouquet, which will undergo drastic temperature fluctuation ( church, then outside in the heat, and air conditioning in the car). The photographer’s eye is always present inexorably to capture the scene. So a recommendation by the observer on the side of the screen; great care to make the bride ‘s bouquet packaging !