The lesser-know places on your engagement in Florence

The lesser-known places on your engagement in Florence.  you can show them myself. Of course Florence is a beautiful city and seemingly easy to photograph. But often the pictures that you see is the internet you look a bit ‘. Why? Because sometimes you need to discover new places, but most new perspectives. See the city of Florence with different eyes. I am a Tuscan photographer, born and raised in Florence.

The lesser-know places on your engagement in Florence

Engagement session in Tuscany

For this reason I know my city very well. They often take couples who want to take pictures along the Arno River. But I do not stop in the usual places. I ask couples to walk a little ‘, to attract new prospects. Walking under the Ponte Vecchio, to take advantage of the sunlight that bounces on its arches.

engaged session on Arno river, Florence

Engagement session in Florence

Did you know that there is the chance to rent a boat? There is no more romantic thing you pass under the Ponte Vecchio on board a wooden boat! If you wish to take some engagement photos in Florence with a different perspective, you can rise to the top. Where? There are beautiful terraces that overlook the most famous monuments of Florence. It feels like you can touch them! Brunelleschi’s dome as a backdrop for your photos, or maybe Palazzo Vecchio.

An aperitif at sunset, you and your girlfriend, Florence to keep you company. If you want a different engagement service, if you want to discover unknown places in Florence contact me. I can accompany you in really strange and beautiful places! If you want to read another articole about your engagment in Tuscany, please take a look here: