The bride and the tuscan wedding photographer.

Choose the photographer is a delicate thing. Not only because it will document the most important day of your life, with a photo that will remain as a memory for a lifetime, but because your photographer will be alongside the bride in many crucial moments of her day. He will be close to you in the most crucial moments of your wedding;  during the getting ready, especially in the moment in which you wear the wedding dress. Your photographer will be the last person that the bride will see before arriving at the altar: how many brides I encouraged one of the greatest moments of excitement!  your photographer will be within walking distance of you next to the priest when you will say: yes, I do it! Then the photographer your wedding you do not choose solely because he is a good professional, but also because it will be next to you in so many important moments of your wedding. This is my opinion of wedding photographer in Tuscany and my philosophy. I believe that a good relationship with the couple is essential to get a truly spontaneous reportage.