the attitude of the photographer in weddings in Florence

wedding photos Florence Fiesole Vincigliata Fattoria di Maiano Villa venue reception Ponte VecchioAs a wedding photographer in Florence, I think taking pictures with people is essential to get the most out of a photo shoot of wedding. It seems a contradiction in relation to the theory of being invisible In order not to alter the scene shooting (reportage). This in my opinion is true only in part, In certain situations you can also shoot at close range getting spontaneous images, as during the launch of the rice or the entry into the Church of the bride and groom. This is because people are so focused on the scene that pose no attention to the photographer. But in the most relaxed and salient not hardly invitees do not look at the camera. Here you can get natural and spontaneous images even if people know that they’re looking at. It is just taking in the right way and at the right time especially. Sometimes you have to get inside the scene is literally so it is virtually impossible not to be noticed by the attendees or by the bride and groom. At that point, better to be present with personality, as opposed to having an active presence within the scene, doing amuse people photographed and pulling out the best from the scene itself. Then the wedding photojournalism but mixed with a presence of the photographer with a strong personality.