the symbolic ceremony

wedding ceremony symbolic blessingThe symbolic ceremony is an alternative to the classic civil or religious ceremony . Certainly has no legal status . Has no official recognition . But no matter . People get married because they love each other and often do not need a piece of paper to promise themselves eternal love . The big advantage of a symbolic ceremony is that you can play virtually anywhere . Often it is organized in a garden of a villa , but there is no limit to the imagination . On top of a terrace, near a river or under a large oak tree . Even the person in charge of officiating the ceremony , the celebrant , can be a celebrant symbolic and that a person who plays the role of a priest but has no real power . It happens sometimes he even the couple decides to get married twice. A first legally in common , where he plays a real ceremony but very satisfying and often too hasty , while the second allows you to achieve all your desires : the exchange of promises , the lighting of candles or maybe sand mix of different colors with symbolic purposes . Nowhere is obligated , no time to meet. Even the arrangement of the chairs for the guests and the use of the flowers have no limits . It is for this reason that more and more foreign couples , but lately also Italian , are choosing more and more often the symbolic ceremony to celebrate their marriage .