Summer , time for the engagement shooting in Tuscany

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Summer is coming,and many foreign couples are getting married in Tuscany, but also for their engagement. This custom of traveling to Italy about a year before the wedding, it has become customary by many foreign couples. Sometimes it's a marriage proposal and is therefore the future husband to do his own declaration, perhaps in a special place, romantic, without which the future wife knows nothing. As a wedding photographer and engagement, I am often approached to do a photo shoot that captures the moment of marriage proposal. Sometimes even an hour step hidden, waiting for the groom to call me, and then when he pulls out of his pocket to get the ring and asks his girlfriend if she wants to marry him. Moments are unique and exciting to photograph. I believe that to be witnesses of unique moments like these is a privilege for us photographers, as well as a great responsibility, because it is necessary to capture the moment. It happens then receive by mail, at the studio, the classic card, made with your own pictures taken during the engagement that says: "save the date", and then you realize that the photos you've taken have a sense, their importance in a project life of a married couple. So for us wedding photographers is developing more and more a new market fot the photos, alternative to that of the wedding ceremonies.