symbolic ceremony it italy

Until recently, almost exclusive prerogative of foreign couples, marriage, or at least symbolic outdoors, are taking increasingly foot between Italian couples. Often used as a second ceremony at the civil ceremony, allows you to create an intimacy and an atmosphere that the hasty civil ceremony hardly grants. Reading the promises and symbolic rituals like lighting candles or exchanging flowers, created and designed for their specific ceremony, allow you to create the right atmosphere for their wedding. Weddings in Tuscany, both in Florence in the hills or in another city like San Gimignano or Cortona, to name just a few, many villas offer the possibility of setting up a wonderful symbolic ceremony without legal value but very significant both for the couple and for their families. Wedding photographer also has the opportunity to take a photo of the ceremony much more expressive and full of colours and emotions, that the formal setting and often dark municipal halls often hardly manage to convey.