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Siena is one of my favourite cities of Tuscany, when should I take my wedding photos. Piazza del Campo, the beautiful Palazzo Pubblico, with rooms in the Museum, perfect for making great pictures to the bride and groom. And so the 10th of may I met, shortly before the ceremony, Franziska and Andrea. In an intimate group of family and friends attended the Union, then the groups left us to reach the villa. For photos of the bride and groom we first crossed the Sienese countryside, to stop near the Rosia River: there is still, after so many years, Ponte della Pia, which crosses the aforementioned torrent. Characterized by the absence of banks, seems to come directly from the middle ages!

Siena Wedding Photographer

I provide my services in Florence along with other areas of Tuscany like Siena. This city, with its romantic settings, never loses its capability to enchant. There is a reason why it’s so well-known for a wedding abroad. If you’re in search of a wedding venue full of Italian and Tuscan history, amazing scenery, traditional Italian cuisine, it does not come a lot better than Siena to plan your wonderful day.

Siena is a very ancient settlement. Legend says it that it was founded by Senio, one of the two sons of Remo (the brother of Romulus, founder of the city of Rome). The legend tells of their escape from the city of Rome to avoid being killed. In the escape they brought with them a statue of marble depicting a wolf. This trophy still represents the symbol of the city of Siena. Siena is a city we meet when we leave Florence, after about an hour. A city full of centenarian traditions like the famous Palio, a horse race that takes place right in the central square.

The excellent art and architecture simply adds to the challenge of making a story through a number of photographs.

It is difficult to describe the Palio. It’s not a race like the others. How uncommon is the involvement of the inhabitants of Siena in this special event. Waiting for the Sienese all year round, when it comes to the city, it is nothing more than jockeys, horses and contradictions, because every area of ​​the city has a name and a horse, ridden by a jockey. The rivalry between the various rivals is very strong and in the days that see the running of the Palio race is even stronger.

Each street is full of historical buildings, every alley every square traces history and tales. One of the most famous monuments is the Mangia Tower, which is one of the tallest towers in Italy. Another singular aspect of the city is that every town district has its own museum. It is also famous for its typical pastries, such as “Pan Pepato” and “Panforte”, desserts from the centenary tradition.

If you’ve always imagined of a fairy-tale wedding, Siena is really popular and I cannot think about something more romantic.

For your exclusive photos, I am one of the best photographer for your wedding in Siena because I’m an exclusive Tuscan photographer specializing in portraits, art work photography, reportage photography, vintage photography and documentary photography to obtain the best possible memories of your Special Day.

I’m very happy to be able to photograph all kinds of weddings in Siena because this location embraces the very essence of Tuscany, evocative in all its diverse factors and holds so many natural and artistic beauties, a romantic image which you will not forget even long after your return home.

I will catch the spirit of the occasion with numerous scenarios and unforgettable photographs in a perfect mix of reportage and artistic styles.

My Job, as photographer, is to see the more intimate settings for a cinematic wedding photography and capture the love and joy of Your day through top natural expressions. You should always feel free to be yourself.

I always help my customers with top equipment and essential tools for the working pro and my top photography equipment would exalt your perfect hair and make up for your wedding in Siena.

I’ll help you in advance by:

  1. Finding examples what you like looking for wedding images on Pinterest or wedding albums on Facebook
  2. Putting crucial shots on a listing
  3. Choose the best time of the day to shoot post photos with low stress.

Hire me to take your pictures on the beginning of a new chapter of your life. During your Special day, I will take images while you are with your partner and the rest of your loved ones without you even thinking about it.

Feel free to share your photography needs and let me know how can I be at your service.

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