Services of professional wedding photographer in Florence


This is what I can do for you?

In addition to building a relationship with you, putting you at ease, and following you in any dynamic or sports activity you want to include in your wedding day, I will certainly tell your story with my pictures.

I will make sure you relive all your special moments, and every time the bride dives in his groom’s arms!

How you are asking?

You can choose between two kinds of services: The Premium and the Basic.

If you want to record the memories of you entire day, from beginning to end, you can choose the Premium Service, which I suggest so you don’t miss any of the special unique moments!

The Premium Service includes:

The preparation of the bride while she’s being made up and dressed. This will allow you to relive those special moments, and the unique expression of the bride, her parents, and her girlfriends as she steps in the wedding gown of her dreams.
The preparation of the groom, maybe not as moving as that of the bride, but emotions that are definitely worth remembering. His shoes, the cuff links, the tie; the preparation of the groom is a ritual deserving life-lasting memories!
Arrival of the bride to the venue, where all the guests will enjoy her walking down to the ceremony. This is when the groom shows all sorts of emotions when he sees his other half walking towards him.
The crucial moments of the ceremony: the I DO’s, the exchange of vows and rings. The expressions on the faces of the couple and their guests will be caught in pure reportage-style.
Outdoors pictures of you, the bridal couple, in the most beautiful backdrops while you do what you wish: walk, ride bikes or a motorbike. I see you are already picturing this part, it’s my favorite!
Group shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen. I know I take candid pictures, but you may want to take these pictures to remind you of the people you chose to be close to you at the ceremony.
The entire reception, from the cocktails to the cutting of the cake. The speeches, the first dance, the party, the quiet moment and the fun ones. I will tell the whole of your special day.

The Basic Service includes:

In the Basic Service instead I will cover your day until the cocktails, excluding the dinner and the dances.
Both services include traveling fees within 100 kms, shipping cost to send the USB flash drive with the digital pictures, and the basic post-production.

But there is more!

Couple’s photographic service:

If you need a photographer to capture your engagement or honeymoon in Tuscany, I’m available to shoot it for you. I usually propose a photographic service for around two hours: my long experience in this kind of services helped me to find the right amount of time needed to capture your couple’s service or family photos. I can shoot all kinds of services, such as wedding proposals, honeymoons or anniversary, here in Tuscany and other, location such as Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre.

To get to know you and to let you grow familiar with my camera and my style, we can meet a few days before.Upon request, I can take pictures of you at your hen and stag parties.

These sessions will help me understand you and what puts you at ease, and will help you be more relaxed on the day of the wedding, since you will already know how I work.

Any doubts on the Premium and Basic Services? Do you need a different kind of service that was not listed here? Do you have a special idea you want to carry out?

Email me at or whatsapp me at +39 348 3370110

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