Intimate wedding in Tuscany: Raquel and Benjamin

Raquel and Benjamin, intimate wedding in Tuscany: this is the last way to describe this incredible ceremony!

Benjamin and Raquel met in Barcelona five years ago. Since the very first moment, they felt they were the perfect teammate the one for each other. Two years ago, Benjamin proposed to Raquel during Christmas but they didn’t set a date to get married. Basically, because they wanted something small, intimate, different. They don’t believe in the Church and don’t feel comfortable with a civil authority, who doesn’t know them, marrying them.

They believed the union must be something intimate, something between two persons and their hearts in a very special place, in a very special moment and with the most special people. So when, in last December, thinking about New Year’s resolutions they decided getting married on their own terms. In the end, that meant In Tuscany, with only 10 guests and our photographer :)Italy means a lot to the groom since he spent very unique periods of his life here, especially his Erasmus in Torino. Since the first time, Benjamin’s love for Italy has only grown. For the bride, Tuscany represented a dream come true, the most romantic scenery. She still remembers watching romantic movies with her mom, enjoying the landscapes, the history and of course she loved how Italian sounded when Benjamí spoke it so…

3 weeks before the wedding they did a mini trip to Tuscany to set everything up: Duccio Argentini, the photographer from Florence, Agrifiori and her wonderful owner Michaela from Siena, the rings from Volterra and the hotel for their stay and the venue: Villa Sabolini in Cole Val d’Elsa

As you can see, this is a very intimate wedding in Tuscany, with a lot of meaning for the couple, and although they were from Barcelona, thousands of kilometres afar, they felt Tuscany like their home.

Duccio helped us from the very first moment to feel comfortable and relaxed, he stayed by our side even if we were physically more than 1.000 km away, keeping track with the Hotel and the Florist to capture what we wanted to do, a simple and humble ceremony 🙂