Pre Wedding Photography Shoot in Florence, Tuscany, in Pretty Woman Style

Pre Wedding Photography Shoot in Florence, Tuscany

Last summer I had the chance to shoot a pre wedding proposal in Florence that somewhat reminded me of Richard Gere’s in the movie Pretty Woman, just to tell you how romantic it was. A typical pre wedding proposal photo shoot is usually very personal, involving only the couple, where the husband-to-be looks for an intimate, secluded space to create the right ambiance. However, in June, I received an email from a man from a different era; he told me he wanted to do a surprise wedding proposal, so I imagined the classical stroll where all of a sudden the guy gets on his knees and pulls out the ring.  But Jonathan had different plans. He flew into Florence late one afternoon in June; we had scheduled an appointment outside his hotel in piazza Santa Maria Novella.

When he came out, I realized he was trying to hide, and only later did I understand why: his girlfriend was studying at a university program in Florence and he had flown from LA to propose. He had a lovely bunch of red roses and was dressed very smartly. He pulled out his phone and called her, explaining to me that he had a Skype appointment with her, and she was supposed to be home to receive his call. I heard the typical Skype tone while he was slowly crossing the square, pointing at a window where she lived, right opposite his hotel.  She understood something was going on because he was not speaking from his computer.

After a few words, he asked her to look out of her window. I pointed my camera to the window and caught the happily surprised look in her face. She couldn’t believe her eyes! He called her and after a few seconds she came down running to him. Jonathan hugged her, lifting her up, and gently down again. Then he looked at her and got on his knee for the most classical pre wedding proposal, all this in the middle of a crowded square full of people that started whistling and clapping. What can I say? I was so proud to have been part as a spectator and photographer of such a special and moving event!Pre Wedding Photography Shoot in Florence, TuscanyPre Wedding Photography Shoot in Florence, Tuscany in Pretty Woman StylePre Wedding Photography Shoot in Tuscany