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Pisa Wedding Photographer

My name is Duccio Argentini an expert wedding photographers in PisaI provide my services in Florence along with other parts of Tuscany like Pisa, a well known art city all over the world, thanks to its famous tower, the Pisa tower, nicknamed the “leaning tower” because it was built on an unstable terrain with time it began to slop down to assume the current position.

Why my passion for wedding photography in Pisa should be fundamental to you.

There are many wedding photographers who think of photography as “a job”. They “go to work” when they pick up their camera and go to meet the couple of the day. For me it’s completely different. I don’t “work”. Mine is a passion. Well, of course I go to work as well, obviously I do, but i do not simply work as a photographer.

I AM a wedding photographer in Pisa.

This is important when you choose who should be at your side on your wedding day. I don’t have to fake that I love what I do. I don’t have to make anything up. I just have to do what I love to make the most out of your special day. Passion and love for what I do… I try to make that shine through every time I write something so that you can get to know me before deciding whether I’m the one for you or not. Because you want someone by your side who really is able to go that extra mile for you.

Your emotions become mine. Your tears become my memories. Your laughs become part of me in the moment I press the button and save that instant for ever. Maybe my way of seeing the world is not for everyone. But I want the passion for my work to shine through, always.

Here is to your Tuscan wedding in the city of Pisa!

Pisa is known all over the world as one of the four maritime republics, one of those cities that in the middle ages, thanks to their strategic position, reached political and economic independence, which gave them a privileged position. Intensified the traffic in the Mediterranean, he collided several times with Saracen ships and succeeded in imposing himself also thanks to the alliance with the nearby Republic of Genoa. The power of the Maritime Republic of Pisa led her to conquer Corsica, all the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Balearic Islands. Thanks to his crusades, his power came to the Holy Land. Pisa reaches the pinnacle of its economic and political power between the twelfth and twelfth centuries, coming to conquer the western Mediterranean. His power led him to develop the artistic level of the city, which saw the formation of the Romanesque Pisan style, a style born thanks to the influences of the countries involved in their conquests, thus born of a blend of Western, Oriental and Islamic styles. Around 1270, what had previously been an alliance turned into an enemy faction

From this moment on, the power of the city of Pisa began to diminish, bringing the Republic of Pisa into a long decade. One of the most famous and prominent figures in the history of the Maritime Republic of Pisa is represented by Fibonacci, a famous literary mathematician, whose figure perfectly expresses the fruitful relationship between travel, culture, commerce and navigation, typical of the maritime republics.

This singular and curious aspect invokes many tourists who are increasingly photographed on the tower. The Pisa Tower is part of a complex of monuments placed in the famous square of Miracles, so called by Gabriele D’Annunzio for the beauty of its monuments.

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