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Every year there are new trends for wedding ceremonies . From a bit ' of time now , perhaps for finding new perspectives and points of view , did the fashion of the drone . But what exactly is a drone ? Basically is a remote-controlled model aircraft similar to a helicopter , but much more stable . In fact, unlike the latter , has at least three propellers and an electronic stabilizer . Name changes depending on the propellers that help him to rise : esocottero , for example , has six propellers . Of course the heavier the camera or video that you want to raise , the greater the size of the drone . And with its size salt of course the price . There are devices much like toys , the cost of a few hundred Euros , until you get to drones professional , able to bring in heaven professional SLR cameras with optical respectable , but you start to talk about figures around thousands of euro . Of course the result is amazing : aerial bird's eye on the ceremony ( if this takes place outside of course) and on the place of receipt . Not last question regarding the use of drones is given by security : anything that flights over our heads may stop working suddenly and consequently precipitate . Or simply an error of maneuver of who commands it to do that is going to crash into a house or worse against a group of people . So, to conclude a wonderful object and will surely drive up the budget for the photo shoot and video , but the result is guaranteed !