My way to work as a Professional Wedding Photographer


Since your wedding is the most important event of your life you need a professional wedding photographer who has the capabilities to capture your emotions the way they deserve to be. This becomes essential in case of destination weddings where the beauty of specific landscapes in Tuscany contributes to enhance your fairytale. As a professional wedding photographer I want to share with you three aspects that identify my work:

Knowledge of the best places: Whether you want the Chianti or the hills of Florence to be the frame of your shooting, you need someone who knows where are the best location with stunning sceneries and how to get there.

Experience: To shoot a wedding you need more than a good camera! Experience, creativity and knowledge about how to dealt with light play a key role here. Thanks to my background and experience, I know which are the best times in a day to take pictures. Moreover I know also which are the most emotional moments of a wedding day flow. I think it’s beautiful to shoot the gaze of the groom’s mother while dances with her son (see here the picture of the marriage at Podere Le Rondini) or the getting ready moments of this wedding in an intimate village near Florence. The choice of the best occasion to shoot is something you get only with experience.

Personalised photo shootings: Every couple has different necessities that’s why my service is based on how long will be the shooting. As you can see from this page you can choose within many packages that can be customized. I always suggest the eight-hours package in order to take pictures of the whole event from the getting ready until the time of the after party. Please feel free to contact me and request a free quote for your bespoke service.